STYLE GURU BIO: Christine Ballou

STYLE GURU BIO: Christine Ballou

Nostalgic. This is exactly how I am feeling as my summer is coming to a close. My summer was well spent on the beach, hanging with friends, attending concerts and visiting NYC. No one ever wants summer to end and classes to start up again. I will have a wake up call this coming Monday as I will be beginning my sophomore year at Providence College. Before you ask yourself where PC is, I’ll tell you. It is located in Rhode Island which is in New England.

I wish I could also be writing to you from an airport but unfortunately my life is not nearly that luxurious. The only reason I am writing from here is because I just moved my brother back to his university. Now it is my turn as I touch down on New Jersey soil.

Of course, I have more than an interest in fashion but a love for it. I am beyond excited to continue working with CollegeFashionista. I am ready to get back on my campus to discover and write about the trendy outfits PC students wear.

I am a Jersey girl with a passion for the city lifestyle. Normally I am never afraid to wear something new or interesting. It’s fun to dress up every day and be a new person. I like to think of walking down any street or hallway like a runway. My outfits give me confidence. You should wear the outfit and not let the outfit wear you.

Speaking of outfits, wondering what I am wearing? An Urban Outfitters jumper, Madewell mock-neck tank top, white Converse All-Stars and some casual jewelry (watch, earrings, bracelet).