STYLE GURU BIO: Christina D'Ambrosio

So we meet again, Fashionista/os. It is so hard to believe that fall is already upon us and back-to-school is in full swing. Move-in day last year feels like just yesterday, and now we have to do it all again? Ugh, what a drag. For those of you who are new here, my name is Christina D’Ambrosio and I am so excited to begin my second semester as a Style Guru. I am starting my sophomore year at Fordham University, studying Communications and Media Studies with a minor in Marketing.

Though my mother used to cringe as I chose bedazzled sweatsuits over a sensible pair of jeans, my love for fashion has always been obvious. Regardless of crazy fads and intense rhinestone phases, I have always had a way of expressing myself through fashion. Moving away from home in Massachusetts, I never would have been able to guess the impact it would have on my personal style. New York has an energy that can change a person, and as Taylor Swift noted in her hit song, “Welcome To New York,” “everybody here was someone else before.”  There are so many interesting people doing amazing things that it is hard not to be inspired. The city is thriving with personal style, which has entirely transformed my way of seeing fashion.

My personal style inspiration comes mostly from the recent return of the supermodel, and also from DJ Tanner. I’m not even kidding—have you seen her skirt collection? The girl has some serious game. Returning to the present, models like Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss have really caught my eye in the past few years. Not only are these ladies absolutely stunning, they know how to transition from catwalk to sidewalk with ease. Though the #ModelOffDuty look is enviable, it is surprisingly still achievable – even for us mortals. The off duty look consists of some really basic pieces that are effortlessly cool. Some of my favorite pieces to throw on include: a classic black leather jacket, statement sunnies and black skinny jeans

When it comes to beauty, I am slowly, but surely, becoming more advanced. Only this summer did I perfect my winged eyeliner skills, using the Benefit “They’re Real!” push-up liner. I swear, if anyone reading this struggles with using liquid eyeliner for wings, you have to hit up Sephora. Their liner is an absolute godsend. Other beauty favorites of mine include the NARS “Cruella” matte lip pencil and the Urban Decay Naked Smoky eye shadow palette. Making a beauty statement can sometimes be challenging, but definitely pays off in the end. From shimmering eyes to dark, matted lips, standout makeup can completely change the vibe of your look and take it to the next level. 

Last semester as a Style Guru, I was able to begin sharing the trends at Fordham, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. I cannot wait to get into it again this semester, so let’s make it a great one!