STYLE GURU BIO: Christie Clayton

My name is Christie Clayton and I am a sophomore at Auburn University. I chose Auburn because nothing beats the Alabama weather, Southern pride, and school spirit. I am currently a Communications major with a Business minor. I hope to pursue a career in Journalism and can’t wait to broaden my skills this semester as a Style Guru.

I have always had a strong interest in fashion. Growing up, whenever my mom and I would hear an event was coming up, we would immediately start pairing pieces in our closets to find the perfect looks for the occasion. Since then, I have realized that fashion isn’t just the clothes that you decide to put on for the day, but how you choose to present yourself to others. Fashion is a medium of self-expression just like journalism, so I am very excited to have the opportunity to combine the two.

My style varies according to occasion. I love flowy boho-chic pants while also being the first one to hit up a J. Crew sale. I am drawn to all types of clothing but have certain staples to add my own touch. One of my all-time necessities are earrings, without them I feel incomplete. I love accessories to spice up any look; sunglasses, necklaces, watches and comfortable, cute shoes are always a must.

I am beyond excited to share the trends I see around campus this semester. I believe college provides a great opportunity for people to really find their own unique looks and I will have my eyes open to find those who stand out.