Hello, hello – before I start, my name is Celina and I’m so beyond excited to be a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista for spring 2016! Though I’ve had personal blogging experience previously, I’ve never actually written for any magazine with a specialized purpose. I anticipate that these next four months will be fulfilling and very educational. Here we go.

This past weekend I traveled to Portland, Oregon with my family. It’s such an eccentric small city, and I thought what better place to wear plaid than here? The combination was inspired by the Coach fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection, especially the colorful plaid pattern paired with military boots to hold it down.

I’m in the midst of experimentation and expanding my outfit choices. I had this oversized male’s flannel and this great blanket scarf, both of which have plaid patterns, and I thought why not? I tied it all together with a thicker denim jacket to cold down the cold and black military boots (got to love old, beat-up Dr. Martens). As for the “normal” black leggings, they’re actually not that normal. I go to school in Syracuse where it’s cold a solid 70 percent of the time. I bought these Heat-tech leggings that basically has a thin lining of efficient fleece on the inside. They really help me stay warm, and they’re extra soft and comfortable.

I feel like this could be a universal look great for both men and women if you’re looking for something warm and casual, but still eye-catching without being too overdone.