January 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey Fashionistas/os! My name is Cat McNulty, and I attend the University of Pittsburgh as a freshman. My course of study is Marketing and International Business, and I aspire to work for a fashion company as a buyer or merchandise planner. I love working with clothes and predicting future trends! I have been sewing and designing clothes for 5 years now as a hobby, so I know what true quality looks like. I love expressing myself through what I wear and watching others love style that is personal to them.

I live a very open-minded lifestyle, and I like exploring new ideas. Crazy fashion and everything outside the box makes me happy. When I judge an outfit as fashionable, it is usually about how the person loves it and feels wearing it instead of if I would wear it. I feel style is a big part that differentiates all of us and is a big part of who we are. What you wear can show what is important to you and what makes you happy. No one is right or wrong.

I would describe my style as half bohemian and half edgy. I love things that are quirky and exotic, and I am drawn to boho-chic clothing. Some days I like to take risks, but I also love wearing basics and oversized pieces. My closet is a sea of white and black, but I’m not afraid of colors that match how I am feeling. I love writing about fashion and giving fashion advice that helps people gain more confidence. I am very excited to join CollegeFashionista and explore my city campus for looks that express individual style!