STYLE GURU BIO: Cassandra Neely

With this STYLE GURU BIO comes the beginning of the end of my time as a Fashion Merchandising student at Kent State University. What may be even more unfathomable to me than the latter statement is the fact that this is my sixth semester with CollegeFashionista.

As my time in college (and thus my time with CollegeFashionista) dwindles down, I’ve been paying close attention to the aspects of interning for this publication that I value the most. I’ve grown a lot from my first post that I wrote as a 19 year-old freshman to this one that I am writing as a 21 year-old senior. And, truth be told, much of that growth has come from CollegeFashionista.

I started out writing weekly articles as a Style Guru, and this past summer I transitioned into being a Social Media and Editorial intern. Getting to experience three sides of this brand has been informative to say the least. I’ve already written about my fashion journey in past STYLE GURU BIOs, so I thought I’d take this one as a chance to say what I’ve learned and what’s changed about me as a result of working for CollegeFashionsita. So, without further ado, I present to you a few of the many lessons I’ve taken away from this internship:

I’ve learned how flattering it is to a Fashionista when you ask for her picture. If you think about it, Style Gurus are responsible for increasing the confidence of so many people on a daily basis. And for college-aged students, an extra dose of self-confidence is never a bad thing.

I’ve learned to value everyone’s distinct personal style. Even if your wardrobe doesn’t get much more complicated than T-shirts and jeans, that’s who you are and what you wear, and that deserves the utmost respect.

Along with that, I’ve learned that style is such an art, and everyone who wears clothes (which is hopefully the majority of us) is an artist. As silly as it sounds, something as simple as choosing a pair of socks to wear requires your personal taste, and that choice helped to create the larger picture of how you are presenting yourself for the day. Because that decision came from your mind only, you, in turn, are a kind of artist in your own right.

I’ve also learned about myself. I’ve learned that writing is what I want to do forever, and that fashion will always be part of me.

Hopefully my bits of wisdom didn’t overwhelm those of you who are just starting classes this week—it’s a lot of information at once, I know. But the bottom line is that CollegeFashionista interns have the privilege of being immersed in a true learning experience. If you take this experience (or really any experience) and delve into it and give it your all, the amount of growth you’ll see in yourself is astounding. Here’s to another semester of Fashionista scouting, writing, being part of an incredible creative community and ultimately learning so much more.