STYLE GURU BIO: Caroline Thompson

Hello, Fashionistas/os! I’m still getting used to the idea that this is my final year with CollegeFashionista as I am entering my senior year of school—yikes! As I try to accept how fast time as flown, I will also be bringing you the latest and greatest fashion trends across Stonehill College with a nice quirky flair. Who doesn’t love to learn about fashion but in terms that you can also understand? I know I sure do. I always love seeing the amazing trends and styles on bloggers or the runway, but to translate that to your college campus can be quite the pickle. However, my job is to make that transition as easy as pie and, believe me, it can be done! You just have to embrace whatever you choose to rock.

Speaking of style, if you have been following me over the past few years you can see that my own personal style has evolved and changed throughout my college career. Freshman year I was all about the prep lifestyle (hello Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines!) and while I still love their patterns and colors, my wardrobe has slowly changed. Now I embrace pops of color against neutral backdrops. With fall rolling around at any moment you can find me running towards my black and dark plum pieces. Although I love solid, neutral pieces, you can always be sure to find something fun and unexpected on me.

This summer I have grown a strong affection for jumpsuits. They’re so comfortable and versatile, plus they’re stylish to boot! This particular one has elephants all over it so clearly it’s my favorite. I can and have worn it to a variety of occasions, which is another thing I look for when shopping. The versatility of a piece is quite important for me and should be for any other college student as well (more bang for your buck!). In addition to versatility, comfort and uniqueness are my two other boxes I try to check when shopping or combing through my closet for my outfit of the day. I completed this look by matching my jumpsuit with a pair of metallic sandals and some funky, retro sunglasses, otherwise known as my summer go-tos.

My style is ever-changing, but it’s an adventurous journey that I love to experience. I hope you embark with me for my remaining year here at CollegeFashionista and learn a thing or two on how to evolve your own style.