STYLE GURU BIO: Caroline Napoli

August 30th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello, Fashionistas/os! My name is Caroline Napoli and I am a junior at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. I am an interdisciplinary health services major, but I’ve always been interested in journalism and photography. I felt like CollegeFashionista was a perfect opportunity for me to not only stay in touch with my peers, but to reach out to a community by showcasing my photographs and further developing my writing skills. I am excited to join the team for the fall, especially since it is my favorite season, particularly for fashion!

I grew up in the small town of Guilford, CT. To briefly describe my hometown, it is a place where farms meet little, sandy beaches. So, it was common for people to be wearing their flannels and Timberlands one day, and their Vineyard Vines and J. Crew the next…well maybe not exactly those brands, but you get the idea. I loved trying so many different styles, but it wasn’t until college when I developed my true style that I love today.

I would describe my style as simple and girly. My friends also make fun of me for using the term “earthy crunchy granola” to describe myself. This basically means I incorporate natural and earthy tones, as well as my hometown roots, into my outfits. I find it so important to have essential pieces in my closet that can be used for several occasions. I live by the saying “less is more,” especially when putting together my outfits. I strongly believe that a simple, cute dress can go a long way!

I am extremely excited to express my style and learn so much from CollegeFashionista this semester!