STYLE GURU BIO: Caroline McCormack

Hey there, my fellow style obsessed peers! My name is Caroline McCormack and this is my second time being a Style Guru through my three and a half years at the University of Dayton. Once again, I am thrilled to showcase how college students have the power to start trends and display them in a different way than we see on runways through CollegeFashionista.

I am a senior communications major with a concentration in journalism and double minors in english and psychology, living it up with four of my best friends in a #RAD house. Living with four other women has taught me one valuable lesson: five closets are a lot better than one.

My roommates have come to appreciate my obsession with fashion over the years, and they have made repeated jokes how I should start charging for my style consultations. Although we all have different styles, working for CollegeFashionista and reading articles posted by other boss Fashionistas/os has taught me collaboration and creativity is everything to make a crazy, good outfit.

My style is classic and preppy, and while I define those as my go-to outfit choices, I am never afraid to throw in the trend of the moment. My current fashion splurges are a faux fur vest that goes great with dark denim and button-down shirt, black motorcycle boots that have become my trademark college bootie and a blanket scarf, like the one pictured in my photo.

I draw a lot of inspiration from movies and magazines, but I am also obsessed with style advice from my favorite bloggers such as Jessica Sturdy, Lauren Nelson and Kat Tanita.

One of the many things I love about the fashion industry is its ability to show expressionism and art through multiple ways. My ombré hair, bold lipstick (my favorite is NARS matte lip pencil in siren red) and oversized sweaters help express who I am or what I am feeling without having to say it out loud.

I am excited to embark on another journey with CollegeFashionista, and I am equally thrilled to take you on this final college adventure with me! Until next time…