STYLE GURU BIO: Caroline Letzel

STYLE GURU BIO: Caroline Letzel

Hello Fashionistos/as! I’m so excited to be returning as a Style Guru; this past year interning for College Fashionista has truly been one of the best. Although I’m still confused as to how I’m a junior in college (seriously, what?), I’m very happy to be back on Bradley’s campus.

For those who don’t know, I’m still a public relations major with a minor in retail merchandising, a carb lover and dachshund enthusiast. You can find me either taking naps or being annoying on social media.

For this look, I wanted an outfit that was comfortable for walking around campus all day but stylish enough to stand out in. There is so much contrast within this outfit that makes it interesting and is guaranteed to create (good) attention. Sometimes, dealing with any non-neutral color is just too much to deal with, so stick with the basics. Using black and white pieces is an easy way to construct a fashionable, on-trend outfit.

Additionally, the feminine aspects within my outfit are toned down when paired with something unexpected like a baseball hat or sneakers, making it classroom appropriate. Sneakers are more popular than ever, and there is really no reason not to love this trend, (your feet will thank you).

I’ve recently come to appreciate skirts as an easy way to dress up an outfit when I’m just not feeling pants. Skirts are a great transitioning piece from summer to fall, and are perfect for layering with tights or a bulky sweater. I accessorized with a Gucci bag from my grandma that is perfect for running errands around campus.

I can’t wait to start this semester and see some rad styles!