STYLE GURU BIO: Caroline Alkire

With August coming to an end and summer leaves changing to a golden orange, a new season of fashion (the best season in my opinion) is finally upon us. My name is Caroline Alkire and I am a Friends obsessed, leggings lover with big dreams.

I am a senior at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, with a major in Journalism and a double minor in Graphic Design and Technical Communication.

As a Northern Virginia native, moving to Harrisonburg for college wasn’t too much of a culture shock—besides the fact that in the valley, it’s snowing one day and blazing hot the next. Dressing for completely different weather conditions within 24 hours is difficult; but, with sweat, tears and a clothing strewn bedroom floor it can be done.

My interest in fashion is a recent discovery. An intense love of writing led me to discover the creative realms of Conde Nast-inspired culture. Vogue, Vanity Fair and Allure opened my eyes to the idea that fashion, whether the main topic of discussion or not, is important to all facets of life. I’m a big advocate of creativity, and nothing screams creative more than a flawlessly accessorized outfit.

My fashion inspiration comes from the glossy pages of magazines, the people around me (mostly my very stylish friends) and, of course, my fashion psyche. I believe simplicity is ke. If that means quality over quantity, then so be it.

When I’m not running around Harrisonburg interviewing locals for story assignments or stopping by Greenberry’s for a Chai Late, you’ll find me curled up in bed, binge watching Netflix and texting my mom. This winter season, you’ll also find me blogging! I am so excited to start this endeavor, and I am even more excited to share my newfound love of fashion with the world.