STYLE GURU BIO: Carly Sullivan

Horse carriages hobble down modern paved streets as CTA buses pollute the air with exhaust that sometimes seems to make this city seem delectably eerie. Buildings that once withstood the Chicago fire continue to stand as monstrous skyscrapers that make up a glowing skyline in the sky. The city of Chicago has as rich of a history as interesting as the fashions that cruise down Oak Street and Michigan Ave. Picasso statues tower overhead with artistic lust while Gucci, Prada and Hermès (just to name a few) cause any Fashionista/o to salivate in front of their entire storefront window.

The city of Chicago is one amazing place filled with authentic eclectic energy that has attracted every culture to its bearing streets since the dawn of its city limits. A city so bold and so original has become my favorite playground as I search for fascinating outfits and inspiring characters. My fashion inspiration comes from the diverse streets that I can now officially call home.

As a returning Style Guru for CollegeFashionista, I hope to spot obscene pairings of various textures and layers during this upcoming fall season. I look forward to sharing a little piece of my peace with you and hope you can draw inspiration or even marvel at the fashions that strike these streets.

While attending Loyola University Chicago for a second year I am looking to study Advertisement and Public Relations. With this career in mind I hope to have more freedom to express my style than what I once felt comfortable expressing in business school. For the first day of classes you can see me rocking a pair of American Apparel disco pants, a white cropped T-shirt, my favorite bomber jacket and strappy wedges.

Cheers to another season of fall fashion and to a marvelous school year!