STYLE GURU BIO: Carly Broome

Trends: the backbone of the fashion industry. Each season, we Fashionistas/os have to save our pennies and hit the stores to buy the latest looks. Having the most cutting-edge pair of booties, or a brand new dress is key to keeping up our reputation. But are trends what really define fashion? In high school I was always first to sport the latest trends, and even though I was asked if I had just come home from war wearing my combat boots, next week five more girls donned this military trend because I had broken the barrier. This fearlessness to stand out from the crowd is what’s really important in becoming a true Fashionista, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that this is much more important than being “trendy.” Being fearless is what separates a “Trendinista” from a true Fashionista/o, and what will help form your personal style. This will exude your personality and withstand the hardest challenge of fashion: time. All in all, I’ve realized in my 19 years of living, that it is style that defines fashion, not trends.

Now that I’m ballin’ on a college budget, staying true to my style has been more important than ever. Buying classic pieces that can be layered under new, fun and trendy pieces allow you to create a stylish outfit without breaking the bank. For example, in this outfit I layered a new statement jacket that I found at a local thrift store over classic high-waisted jeans and a white tank. Using a simple base allows you to create a multitude of looks from one simple outfit. My Dr. Martens are a piece that I splurged on, but make me feel edgy and cool every time I wear them, making those extra dollars worth it. Making sure that I spend money on clothes that truly represent my style has allowed me to refine my closet as well as my styling eye.

Starting my second semester at the University of South Carolina as a sophomore fashion major, I realize it’s time to get my life together and start working towards my career. I am so happy that CollegeFashionista has supplied me with a platform to start my work.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone who not only has their own style, but also sports that style in every facet of their life (including class, ikr?). Now I get to photograph and write about these ladies I look up to, and build my resume doing something I love. I can’t wait to post articles every week and I hope you enjoy reading them! Go Cocks!