STYLE GURU BIO: Carly Broome

Greetings my fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Carly and I am pumped to be returning to the CollegeFashionista team for my second semester. It feels great to be back in the Carolina heat and I’m ready for school to shift into high gear even though I am still in denial that I am officially a junior. I’ve already begun plotting how to convince my parents that three or four victory laps may be required before I am mentally prepared for the real world. In the mean time, I plan to have the most busy, most fun and of course the most fashionable semester of my life.

To accomplish these goals, I have stocked my schedule with classes that I know I will love. Considering how far into my college career I am, I’m finally taking all retailing classes that actually interest me. Additionally, I have taken on the responsibility of babysitting during the week to feed my very empty piggy bank. I know you all feel my pain…it’s hard to save when you’re addicted to clothes. Although I spent the last three hours of my life building a giant fort out of blankets, it’ll all be worth it when I walk into Urban Outfitters flushed with cash. Also, they always have great snacks. As for the fun requirement, there is no shortage of options here in South Carolina. Game days, sorority functions and weekend road trips are already filling my planner.

Of course I won’t forget to look fashionable while doing all of these things; I wouldn’t be a true Fashionista if I didn’t! My style has evolved since last semester and I hope you’ll embrace my rebellious phase as much as I have. Purple hair, chokers and lots of leather have found their way into my heart and into my style. I love experimenting with the newest trends and taking risks. I think anyone can pull off anything if they just have the confidence to own it. I hope you enjoy riding this fashion roller coaster with me and I cant wait to share my rebellious phase with all of y’all.

Oh, and as always, go Cocks.