STYLE GURU BIO: Candice Maniga

STYLE GURU BIO: Candice Maniga

Hello all! I’ve returned for my final semester as an undergrad to be a Style Guru one more time, and I’m so excited to see what changes I’ve made compared to my first internship with CollegeFashionista two summers ago.

Not much has changed background-wise: I’m still studying journalism at Arizona State University, my home state is hot as always and due to the different styles I’ve been exposed to while working retail for Aeropostale, Urban Outfitters and Charming Charlie, my personal style is still always changing. I love fall and winter fashion—mostly because sweater weather and dark lip stains are best suited for those times of the year and I don’t typically need to worry about sweat showing or my makeup sliding off (both very real fashion problems for Arizona girls)!

Journalism is a business which usually requires what would be considered standard business attire, and not my first choice in outfit attire. Arizona’s weather also greatly impacts—and sometimes limits—my style, so I tend to switch up what I wear when I’m in town, on campus or doing journalistic work like an interview, versus when I’m on vacation or just hanging out.

Currently, Arizona is still suffering through a sweltering summer so my layers and beanies will have to wait. It may technically still be summer, but I like to start my fall fashion with the fall semester, and the way I’ve got my fix while dressing for the weather is through colors. My dress is floral, breezy and fun—everything a summer dress should be! Notice that the color palette is driven by the upcoming season—neutral tones, orange flowers and leaves hinted with hunter green. It’s cute to wear to class, light enough to bear the heat and perfect to pair with my favorite fall go-to (my leather booties) and my sunglasses, which have become my summer necessity!

I think the fashion choices I choose to capture with this semester won’t only differ from last time because of the seasonal change, but because my personal style has also evolved and I’m constantly looking to the world around me to help push it to a new limit. If ever curious, my former style posts are still up so feel free to compare to what I’ve got coming.

Have an amazing fall semester!