STYLE GURU BIO: Camryn Leon-Kelly

Sixth grade was the peak of my fashion career. Take me back to 2008. The first day of sixth grade I wore bubble-gum pink gaucho pants in order to look stylish and different than all of the other girls in their basic colored gauchos. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about, those pants that look like a skirt when you close your legs. Unfortunately, my fashion sense has changed from sixth grade even though I wish I could rock gauchos like I used to I am more likely to be seen in boyfriend jeans and vans.

My name is Camryn, but most people call me Cam. I am a rising sophomore at the University of Delaware! GO BLUE HENS! I am a fashion merchandising major with minors in advertising and interactive media. I would describe my style to be skater-preppy-chic and maybe a little sprinkle of grunge. I’m really just obsessed with anything that I see Zoë Kravitz or Tyler the Creator wearing because they are my biggest style icons.  I am also known for wearing a ton black all the time. Now this comes from my third but most important style icon, and this is my mom. She’s the one that told me that black goes with everything and it always looks great. Honestly, I think this was the best piece of advice anyone has every told me… Maybe even better than my boyfriend telling me to not start this article with the cookie cutter “Hello, my name is…” opener.

Anyways, enough about me I am so excited to share my personal style and my classmates’ style with all of you through CollegeFashionista. I am truly honored to be representing The University of Delaware on CollegeFashionista, since my campus is filled with Fashionistas and Fashionistos (yes, there are stylish frat boys out there ladies.)  For my first post, I decided to draw inspiration from my favorite show on Netflix The Get Down. I am completely obsessed. I finished all of the episodes in one day. The show takes places in the Bronx during the 1970s, which I think is awesome because I have been fascinated with this period of time and ’70s fashions are coming back into fashion through looks such as bell-bottom jeans, wrap dresses, and platform shoes.  One of the main characters, Shaolin Fantastic is always seen in a red bomber jacket with a tiger on the back.  Of course my bomber jacket is black because I would say this look is a classic Cam outfit. I am constantly in boyfriend jeans because let’s face it skinny jeans are evil and boyfriend jeans are like denim sweatpants. I am almost always wearing sneakers because they are so comfortable and they make any outfit look 10 times cooler.