STYLE GURU BIO: Caitlin Zavist

When I was growing up I had a knack for re-inventing certain clothing pieces—I just wanted to wear what my mom wore. I became very good at turning ponchos into fully functional skirts, shirts into dresses and I could walk in heels five sizes too big. As I got older, however, I began to wear clothes my own size. Fashion has always been a huge part of my life because I find it to be the purest form of expression. Growing up I frequently took trips to New York and I began to feel inspired by the many people I would see every time. I love culture; I love how culture has such a lasting influence on fashion.

I am about to enter my second year at the Fashion Institute of Technology as an advertising and marketing comminations major and I can’t wait to share the best looks F.I.T has to offer with my readers! I absolutely adore living in Manhattan because there is nothing greater than being constantly surrounded by so many different types of people. I could walk down the street and see that nobody has the same style or vibe.

I love outfits that are easy but detailed. I find myself shopping around in small boutiques and thrift stores in search of pieces that nobody else has. For the beginning of fall I love long-patterned skirts. Some of my favorite styles derive from native Hindi, Indonesian, or Native American background. Since the weather is still warm, it’s best to not go into boots just yet and stay in little flats. Nothing says fall like a jean jacket—which is a growing necessity upon the nightfall! Lastly to give the look some detail, I love to put on turquoise jewelry—it goes with everything!

New York is really the place to be when it comes to culture. If I had not had the opportunity to be exposed to this city I would not have found my love for culture and fashion. After I achieve my degree I plan on exploring even more. I would love to backpack around Europe or explore South East Asia. There is just so much to experience!