STYLE GURU BIO: Caitlin Pagano

September 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

Hi again, Fashionistas/os! My name is Caitlin and I’m excited to be starting my third semester being a Style Guru for lovely CollegeFashionista. It’s hard to believe that this will be my last semester with the amazing team as well as my last semester of college; where did the time go!?

I’ve never been a fan of tests; I’ve always been that person who would rather write an essay, so I love that CollegeFashionista allows me to combine my tolerableness for writing and my love for fashion! Finally deciding what industry I would want to be in for the rest of my life was the easy part. Now that I’ve taken classes that I wish didn’t have to end and those that didn’t end quickly enough (sorry accounting, we will never be friends), it has made it more of a challenge to pick exactly where I want to end up in the fashion industry.

Being able to write for CollegeFashionista as a Style Guru has truly given me more direction in this quarter-life crisis of mine. Fashion editorial, in my opinion, is such a fun route. Seeing (or stalking) the lives of the CollegeFashionista team and my fellow Style Gurus is proof that style is the perfect way to express yourself and one’s own creativity. Being able to work with style and possibly share my own with others is the best part. My time as an intern in New York City this summer at Marie Claire was especially rewarding. I got to see an inside look at all the hard work that goes into the making of a magazine. I was also able work with the ultimate Style Guru: Zanna Roberts Rassi, which was amazing!

Looking forward to my last semester as a senior is both exciting and daunting but the fall brings on a ton of fun activities. Some of my favorite of these include tailgates, fall booties and especially Keeneland! Being to add a felt hat to any fall outfit is my specialty, as well as any cute bralette. I’m excited to see what new trends will emerge as the weather changes and people like myself are more determined to keep up the styles even as it gets cold outside. Make sure to catch up on all the RAD action every month with me!