STYLE GURU BIO: Brooke Keener

January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hey there, my name is Brooke Keener and I am a junior at Emory University majoring in English and Creative Writing. This is my first year interning for CollegeFashionista, and I cannot wait to start my Style Guru journey for the fall semester.

Being raised by two artistically inclined parents, my style has leaned toward the colorful and eccentric side of the spectrum over the years. I love to incorporate my mother’s bold vintage accessories from the ‘80s with modern designs. Statement pieces are essential for all of my looks throughout the school year. From kitchi clutches to charm bracelets, the most important part of fashion for me is to have fun.

Whenever I am looking to add energy and spunk to an outfit, I like to turn to my fashion icon, Betsey Johnson. Her fun-loving and larger-than-life persona is reflected in the clothing and accessories that she wears and designs. At the age of 73, she is not afraid to create handbags in the shape of telephones, or dresses with layers upon layers of tulle.  People like Betsey Johnson remind me that you are never too old to make bold fashion choices, but the most important accessory of all is killer confidence.

My Style Guru bio ensemble draws inspiration from popular culture, specifically the new television show Scream Queens. While I love Chanel Oberlin’s fur coats and sequin embellished outfits, I chose to put an Atlanta twist on Chad Radwell’s style instead.  Georgia weather in the wintertime can be unpredictable, so prepare for the unexpected by mixing warm weather pieces with winter must-haves. Instead of wearing a cardigan as a sweater jacket, channel your inner Radwell by wearing a cardigan around your shoulders like a cape. Complete the look with a pair of heeled oxfords that would make the Dickie Dollar Scholars proud.

I am looking forward to sharing the most fun and trendy looks from my college campus with you all. Stay RAD and be sure to check out my articles each month for more style advice!