STYLE GURU BIO: Brooke Huseby

Hi pals! I’m Brooke Huseby, a 20-year-old tall girl. I’m currently a senior Studio Art major at Florida State University with a sweet tooth for hand-bound books and delicate jewelry. Though I may be living and studying in Florida, I’ll always be a Midwestern gal who is sending all of the love to my home state, Minnesota.

As a photographer, I spend a lot of time working out different series of images I’m interested in making, but I usually never use people in the compositions I create, so finding campus Fashionistas and Fashionistos will be a fun challenge! When I’m not in class or working in my studio, you can usually find me drooling on my super worn collection of Lydia Davis short stories, seeking too-decadent-for-more-than-one-bite pastries at our nearest French bakery or going on photo adventures with my dearest friends.

Senior year has been calling for some major crack-downs because the future is literally breathing down my neck. With a full course load, graduate school applications, planning a thesis project, a part-time job and volunteering in a gallery, something’s gotta give, and that something is definitely not sacrificing my personal style.

I generally like to keep things “pretty and minimal,” regardless of the situation, even if I’m going super casual because I’m anticipating a busy day. As you see me pictured above, I’m about three cappuccinos into Monday and on my way to my third studio class of the day. Keeping it “pretty” in jeans and a T-shirt is so much easier when styled with layered necklaces and a versatile leather band watch.

I’m also a firm believer in having quality basics, because those can be lifesavers if you’re ever in a bind. These jeans truly save me on a regular basis. They’re a perfect fit, can be paired with practically anything I own and I can fall asleep in them. Another great rule of thumb is that you can literally never have too many plain white T-shirts, because they can simplify and classicize a look without any effort!

Despite my love for Minnesota, Florida has been quite interesting. I’m so thrilled to share the über cool style many of the warm-hearted Tallahassee kids are flaunting, especially in 90 percent humidity. They are so bold and I’m so ready to soak it up!