Just like Beyonce’s song says, “I’m back by popular demand!” Something about this line is always so funny to say because in reality this isn’t true, but I like to believe it is (insert dancing emoji here).

My name is Brisa Gomez, and I’m a senior and advertising student at Florida International University. This will be my seventh semester with CollegeFashionista! I have learned so much from being with this team and have had the awesome opportunity to be a part of such an amazing Style Guru family. If this is your first semester on this ride, I welcome you and prepare for a RAD journey.

Even though this is my seventh STYLE GURU BIO, I always seem to have a hard time talking about myself, but here I go! I am a show and movie addict. Odds are I have watched every movie or show you would suggest. I love being able to watch stories come to life and see every character evolve and somehow be a part of that journey. When I was younger, I wanted to be an actress, and I even went on auditions. Today, it is still one of my dreams to be a part of a movie and get to experience the act of delving myself into a character.

However, my true passion, though probably cliché at this point, lies within fashion. It has truly played a significant role in my life and has given me the confidence to do things I might be afraid of in life. My dream job would be to work in an environment where fashion and creativity go hand-in-hand. If I had to choose two places I would love to work for, it would definitely be Teen Vogue and Refinery29. They are truly doing an amazing job covering important issues as well as pop culture.

Among other things, I love a good slice of pizza and donuts are usually on my mind at some point. I mean, what’s not great about donuts? I also like to think that Emma Stone is my spirit animal, and I would love to meet her one day because she is totally cool! As for my style, I can never give it a specific description. I usually just dress according to how I feel and hope it all works out for the best. Right now, I’m obsessed with denim, bomber jackets and booties. If I feel good in what I’m wearing, then I believe that’s all that matters.

I wish you all the very best of luck this semester and make sure to follow me as I capture cool people on campus.