STYLE GURU BIO: Brielle Malanga

Hi there, fellow trendsetters and fashion enthusiasts! I’m coming at you from Madison, New Jersey where I attend Fairleigh Dickinson University. I am currently studying Communication with a minor in Graphic Design. I hope my knowledge in these fields will one day land me a job at a magazine corporation in New York City. I always joke that I aim to be Jenna Rink from 13 Going on 30. That’s the dream.

Not long ago I started this motto, “If you wear it, it goes.” This motto allowed me the confidence to take risks with my wardrobe. My sister and I constantly help dress one another, she would always ask if certain pieces of clothes matched, or looked right together. This is when I started telling her, “If you wear it, it goes.” Now, clearly some things may go together better than others…but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try to work it and make an outfit completely your own! I keep this motto in the back of my head when I shop, and avoid shopping for entire outfits. Instead of searching for outfits, I just pick up what I like and have fun mixing and matching later on.

I believe fashion is an art all of its own. I take pride in getting dressed up each day and using the world as my runway. I also think that someone’s style is the visual of their personality and can say more about them than words ever will.

My style has been through multiple phases, but has settled at a constant of edgy-bohemian. My friends like to joke that I dress as if I’m Aria from Pretty Little Liars, but that’s definitely a compliment in my book. I’ve recently come back from a semester abroad in England where I picked up some fashion tips from the lovely city of London. It’s no secret that the London-look has definitely been made an impact on my wardrobe. I love to play around with patterns and textures and usually flaunt the outcome no matter what kind of stares I may get from others. In this outfit, I’m wearing one of my more casual looks. I love to finish off my outfits with jewelry, especially funky stud bracelets. I also believe sunglasses and shoes can completely make or break an outfit—but usually they make it, because accessories are a great thing.

I hope I’ve given you some insight into my style and outlook on fashion. I’m beyond excited to be a Style Guru this semester and share fashion that inspires me with the hope of inspiring all of you, too! Feel free to follow me on social media. Chances are I’ll follow you lovely trendsetters right back because I’m always looking to be fashionably inspired by fellow fashion-addicts!