STYLE GURU BIO: Briana Iacia

STYLE GURU BIO: Briana Iacia

Hello, everyone! I’m Briana, a senior at Pace University’s New York City campus. I’m currently finishing up my degree in women’s and gender studies, which is surprisingly very applicable to the fashion world, and vice versa.

After taking last semester off from writing for CollegeFashionista, I’m very happy to be returning for my third semester as a Style Guru. Although I can’t say I’m too eager to start my final year of college, I’m definitely ready to get back to reporting on cool campus style. While I would normally be showcasing Pace’s fashionable students, this semester I will be chasing down trendsetters in London as I study abroad at the University of Westminster! I can’t wait to take all of you along for the journey!

Each time I sit down to write a Style Guru Bio, I’m faced again and again with the challenge of defining my personal style. I usually come to the conclusion that it’s ever-changing and therefore hard to classify, but I’ve realized there is one thing that is constantly present in my style: thrifted clothing. In addition to being 100 percent compatible with my broke student lifestyle, the process of thrifting and styling unique second-hand pieces has always been exciting for me. Plus, what could be better than having cute basics and wonderfully tacky accessories all under one roof?

Since learning about the globally harmful effects of mass garment production and the “fast fashion” industry, buying used and vintage clothing is more important to me than ever before; it allows me to (affordably!) enjoy this hobby without having to support unethical fashion brands. Thankfully, there is a huge push for sustainability happening within the fashion community at the moment, and we should all be part of the movement!

My outfit for this bio is very simple but very characteristic of me. The slip dress (worn here as a top), mom jeans, and heeled black boots will without a doubt be my most worn pieces this fall. I also decided it was about time I rock my glasses for the first time in an article. Most importantly, I’m super proud to say that every item, besides my tote bag, was purchased second-hand! Now, who’s ready to get this semester started?