STYLE GURU BIO: Briana Iacia

January 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

I’m Briana, and I am thrilled to be starting my very first semester with the CollegeFashionista team! I’m currently a sophomore at Pace University, which is located in downtown Manhattan. From the architecture to the infinite mix of histories and cultures, New York City continues to inspire me every time I step outside.

Although I’m not currently planning on pursuing a career in the industry, fashion has played a significant role in my life for as long as I can remember. Personal expression is a vital part of one’s identity; some use writing, dance or music as an outlet. As a relatively reserved person, I’ve definitely had difficulty finding ways to express myself. However, fashion has always been that outlet for me, as I’m sure so many of you can relate to. As many before me have said, fashion is an extension of one’s attitude, of one’s personality. Using fashion as a means of portraying myself and my emotions has granted me more comfort than I can properly explain.

I grew up in a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland, but my style has always been very urban. While it was the norm in my town to dress down for school, I constantly sought to embrace my love of eclectic clothing. However, my taste has inevitably evolved immensely since moving to Manhattan. I’ve found that I’m now more attracted to minimalistic pieces with interesting textures or details. Lately, you can almost always catch me in a pair of distressed black jeans and platform boots.

New York City is a beacon for so many impeccably stylish people and I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to showcase even a tiny fraction of that. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge of the fashion world throughout this journey and bringing inspiration to other Fashionistas/os. Be sure to check back every Wednesday for a new article from me!