STYLE GURU BIO: Briana Draguca

Hello college Fashionistas! My name is Briana Draguca and I’m a sophomore at Barnard College. I’m a New York City girl, born and raised, and I ultimately refuse to leave this city. When it came to picking a college, my mind was set on staying here. How could I leave this bustling metropolis when my prime years are just beginning? You could say I have a love/hate relationship with New York: I’m obsessed with the trendy villages and the melting pot of cultures, but sometimes the perpetual crowds in the subway and Times Square can get annoying. However, the New York City lifestyle is the only lifestyle I know and I give it credit for my tendency to love writing about fashion more than I love sleeping (okay, maybe that’s a little extreme but you get the point). I am very excited that my internship with CollegeFashionista allows me to share what I love to do while also exploring the fashion of my classmates who share my love for this city.

I am currently studying Psychology while pursuing fashion journalism on the side through on-campus publications and external internships like this one. Being in New York City exposes you to fashion in a very different way; instead of just reading about the latest trends in magazines, you can actually see and feel those trends every day. New York City became my fashion vision board and inspired me to start writing about fashion, which is why I never leave my house without a notebook. Inspiration can be found in every corner of this city.

When spending a day shopping in the chic neighborhood of SoHo, the laid back atmosphere inspires me to wear a bohemian romper, strappy gladiator sandals and a fringe bucket bag. If I were ice-skating in the winter village of Bryant Park, I’d opt for a cozy oversized sweater, trendy leather leggings and a faux fur beanie to make sure I’d still look chic if I gracefully fall on the ice. When I’m speed walking across campus on the Upper West Side, I can be found sporting black high-top Converse sneakers, a comfy T-shirt dress and a Barnard baseball cap (because there’s nothing like school pride, am I right?). I am inspired by my surroundings and that inspiration shines through my clothing.

Barnard is a tight-knit community of incredibly passionate women who all want to impact society. While we are discovering who we are in this big city, it’s no surprise that things can often get stressful. But I can assure you that the fashion on Barnard’s campus never fails to impress, even when the going gets tough. The women that surround me take on the Big Apple every day with an impeccable sense of style and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.