STYLE GURU BIO: Brenda Barrientos

Hello again! It is your favorite Style Guru Brenda Barrientos reporting for duty. This is my second semester at CollegeFashionista and I am very excited for the great things that are to come this fall! Over the course of the last three months, I feel like I’ve grown into this person who I’d never imagine myself to be. I’ve developed a new found love for photography, I get inspiration from the random things going on in my life and it allows me to create a vision for what I want to shoot. I also gained a great amount of knowledge of social media marketing through CollegeFashionista; which has led me to understand the importance of viewing myself as a brand. Something that I’m also thrilled about this fall is interning for ADEAM International in New York City. I will be the showroom intern and one of my first responsibilities will be to prep for NYFW and market week (oh my goodness how rad!). I also plan on interning at as many companies as I can before I graduate this coming spring.

Something that hasn’t changed throughout my CollegeFashionista experience is my lovefor fashion, if anything it’s gotten stronger! The trends for summer 2016 have given me so much inspiration for my style this season. My new favorite trend that is transitioning into the fall is wearing a shirt under a slip dress or camisole. In the images shown above, I am wearing a sheer long sleeve top under a black lace camisole. What I love about this combination is that the lace complements the sheer and it makes the illusion of it being one shirt together. I threw on my leather jacket over my shoulders for a chic look; (yes for leather weather!). I paired this with orange-red culottes that are a perfect color for fall and my favorite pair of Stan Smith sneakers. The sneakers give the whole outfit more of a dress casual look; something you can quickly throw on but also look stylish!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons because it concludes of leather jackets, thigh-high boots with T-shirt dresses, crop top sweatshirts, and bombers! I am very excited to share my articles with my fellow Style Gurus throughout the next couple months! And a quick tip to the new Style Gurus: ask questions, network, work hard and stay motivated.