STYLE GURU BIO: Bree Whitelock

Hey, CollegeFashionista readers! I’m back for another semester and boy am I overjoyed to have the chance to once again seek out fashionable finds on Messiah’s campus. As the summer season dwindles down, I’m beyond eager to watch the trends change along with the seasons. I hope you join along for the ride!

As a fashion enthusiast, I light up at the chance to expand my wardrobe creativity through the lens of fellow Fashionista’s. Everyone has their own quirks when it comes to personal style and I have the chance to unravel it as a CollegFashionista intern—what a job!

Speaking of personal style, I guess it’d be cool to share a little of my style background with you. There has never truly been a specific moment where I decided I wanted my style to look or be a certain way, other than put together and somewhat chic (aka, I never pinpointed preppy, edgy, outdoorsy, etc as a clear-cut closet-filling choice). Instead, whenever I walk into a store to shop, I fill my arms to resemble a widely diverse clothing rack. If it looks interesting, unique or like a must-have staple piece, I’m sure to pitch it in the pile and play with it later in the dressing room.

The outfit shown here resembles three of my go-to checklist items when deciding on whether to add a new piece to my closet: 1. Is it comfortable? Birkenstocks are my prime shoe choice, as they can take you anywhere in comfort and make sure you arrive in style. 2. Is it versatile? My little black dress is my absolute fall back when I’m not sure what to wear. I can layer over it, wear it as a basic, dress it up or dress it down. I’m always finding new ways to recreate it. 3. Is it transitional? Sweaters such as this knit one are airy and light for summer nights, but when paired with a long sleeve shirt, can easily take you from season to season.

Here’s to a new semester full of new and forever adapting styles!