STYLE GURU BIO: Bett Dominick

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this past semester abroad in Italy, it’s that Italians know style. The Italian philosophy of “La Bella Figura” has become my daily mantra for eating well, living well and of course dressing well. This is the city where women bike in 5-inch heels with a Gucci bag slung over their shoulders. With visual inspiration all around me, my style has evolved. I am always up for changing things around in my wardrobe, but the Italian culture has taught me how to add glamour to my look.

There’s nothing more chic and appealing then a classic trench coat. I found this unique sleeveless trench that is great for your summer wardrobe. In Italy, the midi hemline is all the rage right now and a sleeveless trench is great for incorporating this length into any look, even if it’s shorts and a simple tank. Italian women often dress with a great sense of balance. They mix modest and revealing pieces achieving perfect harmony. I paired a fitted tank dress with my oversized coat to play with the femininity of the dress and coverage of the vest. I added a vintage-inspired long necklace for a pop of gold. To add an element of fun to my look I decided on oversized white shades, which are bright and daring for summer.

Being in Italy, leather is the go-to material for accessories. I decided on a pair of nude, peep-toe booties to complement my clothes. Summer booties in a neutral shade should be a staple in your wardrobe. These shoes are comfortable, versatile and classic. In addition to my leather booties, I opted for a large multi-tone bag. I love an element of texture in any ensemble, and I added some with the faux crocodile skin of the bag. The mix of earth tones featured on the bag make it stand out against the outfit.

Being surrounded by the Italian style for the past four months has given me some knew outlooks on fashion. An ensemble can be sexy, feminine and modest all at the same time. You should find ways to incorporate texture into an element of your look to make it look instantly luxurious. Living “la dolce vita” (the sweet life) starts with dressing fearlessly you.