STYLE GURU BIO: Bethany Noorlag

Hi everyone! I’m Bethany, a freshman at Dominican University. I have a serious passion for fashion. As a matter of fact, my love for fashion is so large that I decided to make it my major and minor. Fashion is something that I have always had an interest in, so it was no surprise when I made my decision to pursue it. Although for quite some time, I was not sure what exactly I wanted to accomplish in the industry, I finally decided on becoming a stylist. Starting at a very young age, I would style my dad by picking out an outfit for him before going off to church.

I became a Style Guru to share and do what I love. It has brought two of my interests, fashion and photography, together. I have longed to take a photography class since middle school and didn’t end up taking one until my junior year of high school. After taking classes, photography has turned into a hobby of mine. The fact that I can do an internship that incorporates both fashion and photography excites me. What I find even more exciting is that I get to meet new, creative people every day.

I also write a fashion blog called, Bethany’s Bling. I use my blog as an outlet to express my personality and interests through what I wear. My blog has given me the excuse to go shopping more often and also to browse stores online. I will find any given reason to go shopping, because I’m a shopper at heart.

Whether I’m taking pictures for CollegeFashionista, shopping or blogging, you can always find me wearing my uniform of sparkles and/or pink. I am a major girly-girl, so pink has been my go-to color for as long as I can remember. This is what I wear year-round with the addition of faux fur in the cooler months. I bought my first faux fur vest my freshman year of high school and it was true love since then. My style is ultra-glamorous and feminine with elements of old Hollywood. I often catch myself admiring the style icons and elegance that came with old Hollywood. I have a tendency to gravitate towards anything that is elegant and chic.

My admiration towards chic people is why I am going to remind you all to always remain chic. Maybe a Style Guru will notice your good taste and ask you for a feature in CollegeFashionista. You never know who might see you, so wear what is pleasing to the eye, but most importantly, wear what you love!