STYLE GURU BIO: Belinda Dunu

Hi! My name is Belinda Dunu, and I am currently a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University, studying Public Relations. I’m a new enthusiastic fashionista still trying to define “my style;” with that being said, I am so excited to be your Style Guru!

Historically I was not the best dressed. Over time I have worked hard to find the perfect balance between trendy and affordable. In order to recreate the looks that I saw in Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine, I had to work hard to help financially fuel my obsession. My dream was to one day be the person that others looked up to for fashion inspiration.

With funds in tow, I was able to play around with my wardrobe more. (Okay I’ll admit it, people watching is sometimes where I find my best ideas for outfits) After a period of time, I finally understood what it meant to become your own person and develop a style all on your own. Fashion, as I have found, is also more than just wearing the latest clothes; it is a way to artistically express who you are. It is about playing around with your look and seeing what works for you.

If someone were to ask me to describe my style in one word, I would use evolving. I am always playing around with different looks based on the seasons and sometimes even my mood. I have found fashion to be one of the many ways of self-expression.

My appreciation for fashion continues to grow each day. I am constantly inspired by Richmond’s flair. I hope you’ll tag along as I attempt to find all things fashionable in Richmond, VA.