STYLE GURU BIO: Barbara Pralat

January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hi, my name is Barbara Pralat, and I am a sophomore, studying at SUNY New Paltz. I am pursuing a double major in History and Criminology. In the future, I hope to study abroad, preferably in Scotland or England. I have dreams to see the world and look cute while doing it.

At SUNY New Paltz I enjoy being an active member in History Club, the Honors Program and working as a computer proctor. I want to either go to Grad or Law School. I am still deciding. I am not sure what my first job will be out in the real world but I either want to help people or dig more into history and learn about the past.

This will be my first time serving as a Style Guru, and I am excited and nervous. I want to create a diverse idea of fashion. I want to help people be more comfortable with having different shapes and sizes in the fashion world. It took me awhile to accept that it is okay for me to look fashionable, but I learned to find the clothes that make me feel comfortable, look good and express myself. I want to bring that to everyone.

I like to express myself through clothing. I like dresses and cardigans. I am also a nerd, and I like to incorporate that into my style. I mostly shop at Lane Bryant, Torrid and The Dress Barn. I can be comfortable in Converse and a dress. I will mostly wear dresses that are knee length for my shorter body, a cardigan and a pair of Converse or wedges.