STYLE GURU BIO: Bailey Wojcik

Hello pals, I’m Bailey and I’m a senior at the University of South Florida. I’m a dual major in Mass Communications, with a concentration in Public Relations and Psychology. I would love to use my degree to work in the fashion or entertainment sector in the future. I’m also very interested in photography and I’m currently serving as Historian for my sorority.

My style is ever-evolving. I’ve tried every trend and been through every embarrassing fashion phase you could imagine. Over time, I’ve learned that fashion isn’t about following trends or dressing like everyone else to fit in with a crowd. It’s more about cultivating your own personal brand. In one word, I would describe my style as eclectic. Some days, I throw on a cute tank dresskimonosandals and layered necklaces to head to class. I’ve been very into long stone necklaces lately, so that’s usually what you can find me wearing. Other days, I go for a slightly cooler, more punk vibe (or at least, that’s the goal. I’m not sure if it’s always as successful as I’d like to think). That’s usually my go-to because it’s so easy to do and you can never go wrong.

I’m thrilled to be a Style Guru for fall semester. I’ve been looking forward to it all summer and can’t wait to start scouting Fashionistas around campus. I plan to use this internship as an excuse to go shopping on a semi-regular basis, which is super exciting. I also hope to further my appreciation for fashion and discover myself, in terms of style, along the way. Can’t wait for a great semester!