STYLE GURU BIO: Bailey Peterson

Hello all you stylish babes! My name is Bailey and I am a 3rd year American Literature student with a craving for Comme des Garçons from New College of Florida. This is my first semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista and I am stoked to start showing the world what all of the stylish denizens of New College have to offer!

This semester I am returning to campus from a six-month stay in London, England where I was able to wander from the leather-clad streets of Camden to the posh lawns of Kensington. My time abroad was the most fashionable vacation I could have asked for and I’m returning to the United States with a new appreciation for the clean-cut lines of British fashion. Though I am definitely sad to leave London, I am happy to thaw out on the shores of my bay-side campus home. Anyone who knows me knows that―while I am an absolute winter clothing fiend―I am so excited to start wearing my colorful outfits without a heavy coat.

My style is always evolving so rapidly that my closet might as well have revolving doors. In fact, recently I’ve found myself running around in painted sweaters and platform shoes when just a few months ago I was having a hard time finding anything in my closet that wasn’t black! Because I live in such a creative environment, I am never want for inspiration or courage to transform pieces of my wardrobe into something new. I love clothes that have a certain soul and are one-of-a-kind, and I spend a lot of time dismantling (and re-mantling) all of the odds and ends that make up my wardrobe.

While I am sad to leave one fashion capital I am so happy to return to another. New College is a haven for independent-thinkers who embody their whole selves in the way they style their clothing. To me the most interesting people dress in a way that is compelling and true to themselves, and my home campus is a stomping ground for some of the most beautiful and unique people in the world. New College is made of people who wear their clothing and jewelry like talismans. I am so excited to begin cataloging the clothes and creations of all of my fellow novo collegians.