Greetings to all you fashion-oriented people! Here we are, concluding summer and entering yet another school year. Is it just me, or is this a kind of seductive time? We find ourselves cherishing the last moments of the “freedom” that only summer allows and therefore taking full advantage of those experiences mixed with the innocent and optimistic dreams for the upcoming school year. Dreams that have stayed with us since childhood, but we pretend to suppress because, after all, we’re big kids now—maybe even grown-ups. Or perhaps this blossoming school year is particularly seductive to me because IT’S MY SENIOR YEAR (!!!), and will likely be the last fall of schooling for me (for a while at least) so congratulations to all of you in the same boat!

I may have gotten ahead of myself, so let’s start with the basics. It’s lovely to meet you, my name is Bailey King. I study communications and public health at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My real interest and personal passion lies in nutrition, but I realized that a little too late to change my major. But not to worry, I’ll work it out. In my life outside of school and CollegeFashionista, I enjoy exploring the great outdoors, whether it be hiking or biking, delving into crafts such as knitting and cooking vegan grub. I also dabble in making natural DIY products such as deodorant, cleaning products and beard oil for my boyfriend. And of course, I love finding unique pieces to add to my closet that help me express my personal style in a way that allows people to see into my soul, just by what I’m wearing.

So now that we’re familiar, let’s talk about my outfit. I styled this outfit as a trial run for my first day of school look, which we all know is the most important of the semester, so you better dress to impress. In my opinion, the beauty of this outfit lies in its simplicity—pairing a plain black cropped halter top with a thrifted long paisley skirt and a pair of Birkenstock’s is versatile enough to be worn for a myriad of occasions. I threw on some of my favorite accessories like my grandma’s vintage leather belt and bracelet accompanied by a few simple, yet fun, rings and my everyday makeup look. Simple, classy and funky describes this outfit and my general aesthetic. This long skirt is ideal for sitting and catching some sun between classes on your campus commons.