Hi! My name’s Bailey. I am a new Style Guru, full-time nanny, full-time student and work as a buyer at a resale boutique on the weekends. To say I have a lot going on is an understatement! I am currently a senior at the University of Central Florida. I’m studying marketing and social behavioral sciences. Both have helped me greatly, both personally, as well as, for my future career goals. I am currently torn on whether to continue my education into psychology, particularly neurosciences, or to pursue my goals of becoming a fashion buyer. I love being able to use business skills and my creativity, which is why I have always wanted to be a buyer. But since entering college, I have become fascinated by the brain and why humans do what they do. So much so that it is something I am often reading about in my spare time. For now, I am enjoying my last semesters in school and finding out more about myself.

My hobbies include reading, styling, netflixing, exercising and eating right. I am always ready to try new things and try to push myself past my fears and anxieties. Growing up, I had severe social anxiety and I am proud to say I have overcome a lot of hurdles regarding my anxiety. It was not an easy task and took a lot of mental perseverance, particularly when it came to thinking positively. I think because of this, I became so interested in the activity of the brain. I still have a long way to go before I become the person I feel I can truly be, but meditation and self-reflection has helped me come a long way.

As for my style, I would say I try to be as minimalist as possible. But when I’m feeling spicy, I’m definitely about that sophisticated boho, with influences like Free People, Stevie Nicks and Diane Kruger. A dream of mine is to wear only white, grey or black and have minimal pops of color. My current favorite fashion trends include mules, frayed denim and funky satin bomber jackets. Moving from the Midwest to a beach town in Florida was a culture shock. I quickly realized in my middle school days that flip flops and Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirts was not the aesthetic for me. By the time high school came around I began dressing a lot darker and vowed to never wear flip-flops again. While I have broken my vow (I know), I have continued to dress how I want and not for other people. I am a firm believer in dressing for success. While some say, “fake it till you make it,” I say, “preparing for what you will get.” How you dress not only is allowing yourself to be creative and have fun, but it is also showing other people what you are about or what you want.

I can’t wait to be involved with such a fun and creative community! Here’s to a great year!