STYLE GURU BIO: Avery Rice-Arnesen

My name is Avery Rice-Arnesen and I am approaching my second year at the University of Iowa. Becoming a first time Style Guru, I hope my writing, photography and views excite readers and persuade people to think about what creations lie in their own mind. I’m a pre-business major with the hopes of minoring in Spanish.

When I think of style, three components stick out to me: clothing, hair and makeup. I was first introduced to the exciting world of fashion by my childhood nanny. She attended the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For her final project she designed clothes that my brother and I modeled in the closing fashion show. Even though I was only seven, I remember being fascinated that she created something on paper that I was then wearing. Makeup has also been a passion of mine (since I was allowed to wear it). From spending countless hours watching tutorials from icons of mine such as Desi Perkins, Carli Bybel, Jeffree Star and Manny Mua, to spending mucho dinero at Sephora, I have always loved perfecting makeup and learning new techniques.

Although my personality is outgoing, loud and sometimes pretty obnoxious in contrast my style is minimal, chic and sophisticated. (My mom likes to tease me about how I dress in only three colors: black, white and gray). While I would never wear a neon pink skater dress, I do enjoy adding a hint of color to every outfit…usually a bold lip color.

My bio pictures show one of my go-to’s…my trusty leather jacket from Abercrombie & Fitch. I practically live in this jacket. It fits perfectly on my body, it’s comfortable and therefore hard to take off. Of course, I never leave the house without my favorite purchase ever; my Marc by Marc Jacobs purse. The neutral color (surprise, surprise) matches almost everything I own and is big enough to store my everyday necessities including: sunglasses, lipstick, gum, wallet, a scrunchie and my iPhone (duh!).

People express themselves in different ways. Some with music, interior design, painting, dancing, etc. I express myself through fashion and believe everyone can as well. Through the makeup they choose (or not choose) to wear, through the different hairstyles shaped to perfection and through the clothes carefully compiled to create an art of their own.

Everybody is capable of art and design.