STYLE GURU BIO: Aubrey Nardone

Hello Fashionistas/os! My name is Aubrey Nardone and I am a student at Marist College currently abroad in the beautiful city of Paris. I saw the opportunity to become a Style Guru as a chance to combine two of the things that I love: photography and fashion. These two worlds create the beauty of blogging, giving me the chance to both express my style and discover the diverse styles of Parisian individuals. As a fashion design student, the people and the street are my inspiration, and I hope to channel my passion through CollegeFashionista.

Before venturing into the fashion industry, I was always inspired by the inventive fashion photography in the magazines I glance through every day. It was the work done by fashion photographers such as Mario Testino and Annie Leibovitz that captured my attention. They capture a certain mood and movement in a designer’s collection or garment that jumps off the page and beyond the lens. Their photography and artwork initiate an emotion in the person looking at their pictures. Prior to choosing the fashion design path, I ventured into photography and art in high school. It was not until recently that I delved deeper into these images and decided to venture into fashion design. I wanted to be captured beyond the lens and create a mood of my own with the clothing that I create.

My style reflects upon my aesthetic as a designer and where I find inspiration. I like to maintain a neutral color palette, but make use of texture in everyday wear. Unique accessories top off my casual looks, where I like to incorporate vintage finds and mixed metals. I look for pieces in a variety of stores and flee markets, in order to embrace my individual style. A chunky sweater, layers, black skinny jeans and distinctive jewelry are my go-to pieces, especially for fall.

As I am abroad, I hope to reflect on the Parisian culture through my lens. I look forward to discovering new style through people I see and demonstrate the world of Paris to my readers, as well. I cannot wait to bring you along on my journey abroad and here’s to a RAD fall semester!