STYLE GURU BIO: Asia Inn-Souphomphakdy

Standing strongly by the phrase “dress well, test well,” my outfits have always had an impact on my overall demeanor. My name is Asia Inn-Souphomphakdy (in-soo-palm-puck-dee) and I’m a sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University. Dedicating almost half of my life to studying and eventually working in Psychology, I recently realized this wasn’t the right career path for me. After moving to Richmond, Virginia, where art and diversity flourishes, I found that fashion had always been a part of my life and until then had never seen it as a pursuable career. So, I’m currently working on my business minor while awaiting a response regarding my change of major application to Fashion Merchandising (exciting, but nerve-wracking).

In summary, I love our deity Beyoncé, dog pictures and DIY. I’ve never met a project I couldn’t tackle (yes, I go to Pinterest for every solution) and this essentially transfers into my wardrobe. DIY-ing my way through the dark, sad girl phase and onward into my Aéropostle-branded obsession, I’ve shaped what my style is today: an experimental mess. I couldn’t define my “look” in one word; however, there are several things I’m very into right now. A couple pieces I’m currently wearing out are thin necklaces that I can pile on, high-waisted jeans (you’ll learn that I will never be a regular waist girl) and bangles around my forearms. My reasoning for the last one is because bangles are a lovely concept, but if you’re as fidgety as I am, you can’t stand the constant noise and annoyance of bangles. However, bangles and I were eventually able to come to a compromise.

When I’m not scrambling to find an outfit five minutes before I have to leave my apartment, I spend my time as a sales advisor at H&M. This has been part of the learning process for me as I belly flop into the world of fashion. Although I still can’t resist trying on apparel during my lunch breaks and constantly telling myself that I need to do a haul of new clothes every single week (who knew clothes had an evil side?), H&M has consistently been a basis for my wardrobe which makes working there that much better. As my job can keep my style from becoming stagnant, I know that CollegeFashionista will only facilitate my growth into a new field and allow me to make connections with all the Fashionista/os around me. Let’s have a rad semester y’all.