STYLE GURU BIO: Ashley Williams

Previously, I may have mentioned that last semester was my final semester with CollegeFashionista; however, when the opportunity comes back, take a chance! Plans change. Things happen. But, one thing that will never change is my love for fashion. So again, I say: Hello readers, and it’s very great to be back.

I am a senior news journalism and telecommunications major at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. #ChirpChirp! Since writing for CollegeFashionista, my confidence boosted with every article. I have also seized this moment to practice my journalism skills in real time. I was able to come out of my shell and speak to people I never met before.

I also learned new fashion tips and had a wonderful time creating my own versions of popular looks. Never would I have imagined doing something like this when I was younger. Truly, this has been an amazing time. To this day, I could say my fashion style is a mix of just about anything. Of course, it depends on the weather and what I seem to like. I do enjoy ’90s wear (oversized high-waisted pants, crop tops, oversized glasses, etc.) and the overall minimalistic look; so basic. So simple. So clean.

I enjoy going thrift shopping whenever I get the chance. The flower-patterned, high-waisted shorts I have on happen to come from a thrift store called the Vintage Shoppe Thrift & Gift here in Muncie. They have a wide variety of clothing such as shorts, tops, skirts and vests. They also have really cool vintage dresses if you ever need one and are in the area!

My shirt is a basic blue top from Charlotte Russe; my shoes are black and white Vans.The metallic blue clutch I have is actually a small makeup bag and was a gift from my wonderful sorority!

One thing I learned recently is always be yourself, especially when it comes to the clothes you wear; it’s a reflection of who you are personally.

I hope I can help inspire you all to be comfortable with what you have and help you learn new ways to wear them. I’m very grateful to have you all reading along. Stay tuned for more!