STYLE GURU BIO: Ashley Liddell

STYLE GURU BIO: Ashley Liddell

Hello fashion lovers of the internet! My name is Ashley Liddell. I am a senior here at the University of Minnesota, majoring in Retail Merchandising. This is my first semester writing for CollegeFashionista and I have to admit, I’m really excited. Personal style has always been an exhilarating and daring component to my life. To me, fashion is not something that should be taken seriously, but rather something that constantly needs its boundaries pushed. Playing it safe with style has always been a foreign concept to me.

To give you a brief glimpse into my life, my style is anything and everything 90’s. I’m obsessed with donuts and crime shows. I rarely stray from a black, white or gray color palette, and I firmly believe beanies can be worn all year round. I am a lover of animals, books, roller coasters and the Smashing Pumpkins. I am all for over accessorizing, especially with rings, the more the better.

My style inspiration can best be compared to a rare love child between Courtney Love, Abbey Lee Kershaw, and the ladies from The Craft. Bold and daring women, with rebellious style, influence my fashion choices most; women with complex and invigorating lifestyles, often have the most interesting fashion sense. I have never been one to fancy a gentle take on fashion, I always want my style to showcase who I am as a person. Emma Watson put it best when she said, “There’s nothing interesting about looking perfect-you lose the point. You want what you’re wearing to say something about you, about who you are.”

I have a few closet essentials, which are items that I could not live without. They consist of distressed black denim (like the Peach Pit Skinnies I’m wearing from Unif) flatform sandalsrings (I find these look best when paired randomly together), cropped turtlenecks and an oversized denim jacket (the one I’m wearing was my mother’s from the ’80s).

I am so thrilled to bring you my personal sense of style, as well as the fashion misfits around my campus. Check back in every Tuesday, and delve into this fashion journey with me!