STYLE GURU BIO: Arielle Green

Hey all! My name is Arielle Green and this will be my senior year at Southern Illinois University! I wish I could tell you all that I am so excited to be graduating in a year, but I am honestly terrified. After this, it’s the real world where I have to be a real adult. However I am extremely proud of myself for completing college in the time frame I set for myself.

Now, let me tell you some information about myself. My major is Fashion Design and Merchandising with a specialization in Merchandising. My minor is Marketing, which I hope to go to grad school for one day. It’s a interesting field to me. Ultimately, I would love to have a job in the fashion industry, and being a buyer is what I would love to do. I have so many dreams in the fashion world that I lose track. Along with being a buyer, I want to be the owner of a fashion boutique and I want to write for a fashion magazine. However, my one true dream is to be a stylist for a well-known fashion magazine. I mean, if you are going to dream, why not dream big?

As for my personal style, it’s basically whatever I feel like wearing on a certain day. The only constant with my wardrobe is that I love black and gray. I like to mix masculine clothes with girly pieces because I like the contrast. My typical outfit on a regular day is jeans or printed joggers, a plain top paired with sandals and a cute statement necklace. You will also see a lot of hats when I write a STYLE GURU STYLE post.

This will my second time writing for CollegeFashionista and I am super excited. I hope you guys #RAD my posts and enjoy my content!