STYLE GURU BIO: Ariel Shafir

My name is Ariel, and although I am not a real mermaid with luscious locks of red hair or a glistening scaly green tail, I am a certified lifeguard so feel free to call me a mermaid.

I’m so pleased to join the CollegeFashionista family. I am a junior at Penn State majoring in advertising and minoring in business. I spend most of my days at The Daily Collegian, one of the best college newspapers in the nation, as the editor of the Visual department. I’m an adobe wiz, but can work with a paintbrush all the same.

Art and fashion to me are one. When I was little, painting, sketching and even doodling were my favorite ways to express myself. Then I turned 12, ditched the tomboy hand-me-downs from my big brother and subscribed to four fashion magazines (or what some say may be the bibles of our generation): Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Vogue and Glamour.

Ever since I laid eyes on the covers of those magazines, I have been obsessed with fashion. I turned myself into someone who doesn’t just walk around through life in black and white; I started living. Like fine wine, my style as matured and aged gracefully.

As someone who envies the works of coveted artists like Peter Max or Keith Haring, I appreciate—nay, encourage—pops of color anywhere and everywhere.

Live a full, happy life, and do what you love.