STYLE GURU BIO: Arianna Stalteri

Lana Del Rey once said, “Fashion is inspired by youth and nostalgia and draws inspiration from the best of the past.” There’s something so true and beautiful about this quote and it’s not just because it came from my favorite female artist. There is inspiration for fashion everywhere and I believe a lot of that does come from experiences and influences from our childhood.

Before I go on allow me to introduce myself, my name is Arianna Stalteri and I have joined the Style Guru internship for the summer of 2016. I will be attending the Media Studies program at Guelph Humber University in the fall.  This internship is very exciting and new for me seeming as I have never done anything like it before. Despite the fact that my style has evolved throughout the course of my teen years, one thing has always been consistent; originality. I believe everybody has the potential to have killer style if they choose pieces that portray their mood or personality overall.

Some designers and brands that influence my style the most are Supreme, Raf Simons, Virgil Abloh and Yves Saint Laurent. These companies/designers have a grasp on what they believe fashion and style are, which people adore them for.

Along with being passionate about clothing, I also have a love for photography. I have a desire to capture raw moments and never usually put a filter. My favorite part of photography is that a million different people can take a picture of the same thing, but the photograph will never be exactly the same. Another one of my passions is movies, some of my favorites are Fight Club, Coraline, A Clockwork Orange and Lolita.

I love how movies, fashion and photography are all art forms and can evoke emotions in everybody. Every designer is an artist in their own way, from the creative team at Chanel, to Martin Margiela’s original dream. Designers are all connected through their ability to turn their dream into a reality. Ultimately this is my goal as well. I hope to work on the public relations team for Topshop and move my way up from there. 

In regards to my personal style, I’m usually seen wearing a graphic tee and my Commes des Garçon play x Converse, but I always love to change it up. I can go from looking like a skinhead, to an Oak + Fort model in five seconds all with the magic of clothing.

To end this off I would like to say how excited I am to be a style guru and allow my personal style to influence others, as so many have influenced me.