STYLE GURU BIO: Aramis Harmon

January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hey, Fashionistas/os! As I near my last semester as a University of Alabama student, I am excited to bring even more fashion enthusiasm this time around. Because I am a returning Style Guru for CollegeFashionista I am determined to show you how we do it down south in the winter/spring months. Think of this season as a grand finale; I am going out with a bang!

Fashion is how I have always expressed myself. Since starting college I learned to let my style speak for me. My style right now is about that one key piece you can translate into something entirely different. Call me a bag full of tricks, I cannot be defined by a dictionary or a picture. Chances are every picture of me says something different about me. Accessories play an important role in my wardrobe. I believe in the idea that a statement necklace will always add flourish to an outfit. Like the necklace above, transforming the ordinary to extraordinary. Let’s not forget the socks and booties! Booties are my go-to shoe for the winter adding knee socks always makes an outfit fun. To pull the outfit together I had to add a cardigan, which is my staple piece you will always see me in every day of the week.

As my college experience comes to an end. I assure you my sense of style will always evolve. I have really learned a lot about myself since becoming a Style Guru. Not only have I found my own my personal style, but I now help others find their own as well. Fashion and style are two different categories and I want to relay that message through my articles this semester. This semester I will purely focus on personal style and how it can be described with words, so enjoy my encore debut and tune in monthly.