I’m so pleased to be returning as a Style Guru for a second semester. It’s been an amazing experience thus far! I’m a junior at Savannah College of Art and Design, studying fashion design with a minor in business. I am also the fashion editor of SCAD Atlanta’s award-winning magazine and newspaper.

I’m drawn in by interesting looks that stand out in the crowd and the people underneath those garments. I hope to photograph the students who tell a story or reveal their personalities through their what they choose to wear. Clothing often unites groups of people, as well as signaling the outsiders, unaffected by trends.

This particular ensemble was worn galavanting around Savannah, Georgia, taking in the stunning architecture and steamy weather before attending a fashion show. This outfit demonstrates how to color coordinate in a subtle, effortless fashion. The gray-mauve jumpsuit paired with circular violet lens blends well with the messy waves of my multi-toned locks. Since the hues are pale and imperfectly matched, adding a lavender-gray lip color was the perfect beauty addition without going overboard.

The cluster of bohemian-inspired necklaces, rings and bracelets give the look an air of dimensionality. Some pieces are one-of-a-kind, collected during my travels while others are mass-produced. The intermingling of silver, gold and bronze lends to the casual, unplanned vibe that most color coordinated outfits don’t typically possess. That, paired with the messy, tousled hair, platform heels and leather shoulder bag creates an interesting outfit worthy of the beautifully mysterious city is was worn in.

Stay tuned for my new posts all summer long!