STYLE GURU BIO: Antoniette Donisi

September 7th, 2015 at 8:54am

Ciao, Fashionistas/os! My name is Antoniette Donisi and I couldn’t be more excited to start my first semester as a Style Guru! Fashion has been a HUGE part of my life ever since I was a little girl, picking out outfits before I could even speak. I am entering my second year at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. If you think of New York City and it’s chic, creative and a little bit insane environment, those attributes are the definition of my personality! The city has been my biggest inspiration for all things in my life. I love the city and all the smells that come with it!

My love for fashion has always been a passion of mine but it wasn’t until I received my very first retail job a few years ago when I undoubtedly fell in love with fashion. I’ve always had an eye for pulling outfits together and taking on new and daring trends. Working in a retail store and being able to create outfits from the blouse, to the pant, all the way to the handbag inspired me in a different way. One of my mottos that I have lived by during my fashion endeavors was to not only look good but to feel good and confident in yourself and what you are wearing. Every Fashionista/o is beautiful in their own corky way!

As you join me on this adventure this semester, I want to give you some insight on my personal style. My “aesthetic” if you will, is nothing out of the ordinary but definitely not the same. My outfit for the day is solely driven on how I feel when I first wake up in the morning. Cute, comfy and confident is typically what I aim for in my outfits adding some edge with accessories and anything that I am inspired by. I love using my inspirations from the street styles I see everyday to spice up my next ensemble.

Thank you for taking this journey with me, I can’t wait to read about all you amazing and inspirational Fashionistas/os!