STYLE GURU BIO: Anne Langworthy

STYLE GURU BIO: Anne Langworthy

Hi everyone! My name is Anne Langworthy and I attend Dickinson College. I am currently starting my last year of school to complete my major in environmental science with a minor in art history. While this may seem atypical compared to other Style Gurus, my love for clothes and fashion is just as strong.

My interest in fashion and clothing is most likely due to my mom’s art background and her incredible sense of style. I have countless pictures of myself when I was little wearing clothes from my dress up box in the most innovative of ways. I believe I also got my mom’s keen eye for detail, because no outfit is complete unless every aspect has been checked, checked twice and probably checked again after that, just like my featured look.

I chose to wear this outfit because it contains a majority of my staple pieces. To start off, most of my outfit is comprised of black which is my favorite color. If one were to ever see me walking down the street, I can guarantee you that I’m wearing at least one black item. Black is sleek, slimming and sophisticated. What more could you ask for?

As for this specific ensemble, I chose to wear a mesh T-shirt underneath a romper with an open back. I accompanied the romper with my favorite torn jean jacket, black booties and a pair of pink sassy sunglasses. I believe that this outfit really captures my personality. The black romper is simple and sophisticated. Plus, it is paired with a fun and flirty mesh T-shirt and torn jacket that adds a little charisma. It perfectly captures my serious and edgy side, as well as my playful and whimsical side. My favorite part about a piece of clothing is the way it helps you to express yourself. With that being said, I cannot wait to keep expressing myself through pictures and articles on my journey with CollegeFashionista!