STYLE GURU BIO: Annabelle Schmitt

STYLE GURU BIO: Annabelle Schmitt

Joining CollegeFashionista last semester opened my eyes even more to the big world of fashion. I’ve started to think about fashion differently.

To me, fashion is more than following the current trends and keeping up with what makeup styles are in; fashion is a state of mind. Fashion is creativity, it’s art; it’s owning what you wear and understanding that the clothes you wear represent yourself.

I think that a true Fashionista is someone who doesn’t hold back when taking fashion risks. I always hesitate before trying certain statement pieces if I feel like they seem ridiculous, but if I truly love something, I will always make myself wear it. Confidence is key, and I think the kind of clothing you choose to wear can exude that confidence.

In this outfit, I tried to convey that sense of confidence and also creativity. My slip dress is a thrifted maxi dress I found at Goodwill and then hemmed. In a lot of outfits I’ve seen featuring slip dresses, the look has been very laid-back and girly. I love layering this jean jacket over the slip dress to cover up a bit more, but beyond that, I wanted to keep the look edgy.

I tend to wear somewhat girly, yet edgy outfits. To incorporate my own style more I used a bold lip color and pulled my hair up into my favorite “battle buns.” My hair color right now is a combo of Arctic Fox’s aquamarine and virgin pink. Lastly, I put on my favorite choker and necklaces.

I love fashion because it gives me the chance to put together my own “puzzle.” I can pick and choose my own pieces to create a final look that is uniquely me. Fashion is more than just the latest trends and clothes; it’s being able to enjoy creating an outfit that reflects who you are.