STYLE GURU BIO: Anna Cardelfe

May 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Well, hello there! My name is Anna Cardelfe and I am a rising junior and Journalism major at Villanova University from Spring Lake, New Jersey. I am lucky enough to have an outrageously hilarious and crazy family that keeps me laughing, driven and fiercely competitive in whatever I do. However, I think the best part about my family is that my parent’s exposed my siblings and I to a wealth of different cultures, experiences and foreign places at a very early age. I was introduced to horseback riding at six years old and it quickly transformed my life into a constant traveling horseshow.

With my mother working in the fashion industry, growing up in and around New York and taking part in the chic horseback riding world, I have always been fascinated by the fashion and style that surrounds me. But, as my mother taught me, style is personal, style is different and style is what you make of it. Now that school is out and summer is finally here, I am looking forward to wearing statement skirtslighter layers and sandals. Although my friends joke that my closet consists mostly of black, studs and more black, my style has and will continue to change and evolve as I change and mature in this next chapter of my life.

Walking out of my sophomore year of college, I can honestly say that I have found a great balance between traveling nationally for horseback riding and being a college student at Villanova. My sophomore year brought a lot of exciting changes that have inspired me and driven me to try new things and pursue new opportunities. So Fashionistas/os, I am looking forward to taking you along with me as I intern in New York City, travel around the country and showcase the different realms of life that I take part in and draw style inspiration from!