STYLE GURU BIO: Ann Abbott Freeman

Hello there Fashionista/os. My name is Ann Abbott Freeman and I am a junior at Villanova University. I am majoring in Political Science and minoring in History and Spanish. I could not be more excited to be a Style Guru. This fall I have the privilege of studying abroad in London so I am especially eager to explore the fashions in one of the most well dressed cities in Europe. Getting the opportunity to combine my passions for writing and styling is thrilling.

I believe an individual’s style and fashion sense is the best tool to express one’s personality and to depict how we present ourselves to the world. Fashion has developed with mankind and has historically reflected humanity’s place in the world. Today fashion trends change seemingly by the hour. While following the trends is important (and fun), having your own style foundation is equally as important. Your fashion sense reveals your inner being. Taking care of your outward appearance and self is reflective of how you take care of your inward self.

My personal style can best be described as varied. I adore breezy dresses, colorful wedges and monogrammed sun hats. My one true love, however, is the color black. Black dresses, black heels, black tights, boots, shirts and skirts fill my closet. My mother has greatly influenced my fashion—as one of the best-dressed ladies in our small Connecticut town. I believe in owning a few great-quality, albeit pricey, items and then supplementing with bargain pieces as well. Investing in a pair of Jimmy Choos is fabulous if you can afford the splurge (right now I cannot) but there is nothing wrong with wearing head-to-toe Forever 21 (which I frequently do). My favorite accessory is my nine-pound Havanese-poodle mix named Lucy but as I cannot take her to London with me, I will have to settle for shiny clutches and airy scarves.

I’m so very excited to start this journey and to better develop my own fashion sense along the way.